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The Mission of Circling The Wagons

Our Mission:

As lovers of the world and uplifters of the human condition, our mission is focused on two complimentary objectives:

1.) Equipping, uplifting, & empowering young people so that they thrive in the digital age.

2.) Providing resources, training, & support for their parents and teachers. 

CTW Teaching Programs provide evidenced-based research and practical strategies for daily life in a delightful, inspiring manner. Education is the foundation, providing the essential intellectual nutrients we need in order to flourish. 

CTW Coaching Groups provide the on-going support and like-minded community we need to fully integrate what we've learned into daily life. Hard-wired for Connection we are as human beings. As such, these emotional, psychological, and sociological nutrients are absolutely essential for our well-being.

CTW Professional Development Seminars & CTW Educational Consulting Services provide schools with the resources they need to safeguard the well-being and maximize the potential of their students.  

Truly, a new set of challenges needs a new set of tools : preventive, holistic, mindfulness-based, & solution-focused. This is precisely why we created Circling The Wagons. 

For Parents:

Our programs teach them how to protect themselves and their children from the dangers on the digital frontier, and how to foster balance, stability, serenity, and harmony at home. 

For Teens/Young Adults at Home, at School, & in their Communities:

Our programs teach them how to build resilience, cultivate mindfulness, strengthen vital life-skills, and reduce stress, so that they are peaceful, purposeful, successful, and happy.

Our Vision:

 Our vision is that human beings thrive physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and spiritually, and that communities are revitalized with the universal spiritual values and virtues that have sustained the human race for millenia.

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