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CTW Stress-Reduction Series:
Gentle Yoga & Meditation For Soothing Body & Soul

Decades of evidence-based scientific research have proven the powerful, measurable benefits of Mindfulness to protect us against stress, ease difficult emotions, boost mood, and reduce anxiety & depression. Mindfulness is also the most effective tool for increasing concentration and decreasing the ill effects of digital overload. What could be more important during these trying times?

We invite you to listen to our CTW psychiatrist, pediatrician, and guidance counselor in the video in the Mindfulness Section on our Home Page, hear a beautiful testimonial in the video on the Teens Page, and read the Data Sets on the Schools Page. 

Then return here to download this tried-&-true program.  The CTW Stress-Reduction Series provides the resources every parent, teacher, and child needs to meet these challenging times with grace & grit, resilience & hope, inner peace & an optimistic frame of mind. 


The CTW Stress-Reduction Series is designed for home and classroom use. It includes 10 professionally recorded MP3s and a 22-page Practice Guide that helps integrate deep peace, resilience, concentration, tenacity, and hope into daily life. These beautiful tools can be downloaded onto any device, so they are always handy, empowering parents, teachers, & kids to respond skillfully to what is happening in their hearts, homes, and classrooms.

Improve concentration, boost mood, ease difficult emotions, reduce anxiety, increase mental alacrity. The CTW Stress-Reduction Series is an indispensable tool-kit for home & school.     

CTW Stress-Reduction Series: $19.00


Track 1 - Beginning With Self-Love (2:01)

Use this track anytime you need a two-minute retreat & a return to self-love.

Track 2 - Checking-In (1:17)

This track guides you to notice your thoughts, feelings, & sensations in the present moment. Use it anytime you feel out of touch with yourself.

Track 3 - Gentle Stretches (8:36)

This track gently reconnects you with your body in a sequence of soothing stretches that leave you feeling blessed & refreshed. 

Track 4 - Standing Postures (11:46)

Standing postures energize and empower us.  Use this track anytime you need to boost energy or concentration. 

Track 5- Floor Postures (14:20)

With our bodies so close to the earth, floor postures nurture us. Use this track when you need loving comfort or a dose of ease & joy.

 Track 6 - Inverted Postures (3:30)

Use this track anytime you need to see life from a different perspective or increase your clarity & vitality.

Track 7 - Relaxation (9:26)

This track provides a time of deep rest and relaxation. A time to let go of every burden. A time to stop doing and just be. Use this track anytime you feel overwhelmed and every night before bed.

Track 8 - Lovingkindness Meditation (3:52)

This beautiful practice guides you into tremendous peace, gentleness, and kindness toward yourself. Use this track whenever you notice you are being harsh, critical, or impatient with yourself or others.

Track 9 - Mindfulness Meditation With Bells (4:14)

Use this track anytime you feel overwhelmed, confused, exhausted, or distracted. Mindfulness meditation returns us to harmony, clarity, and peace. The periodic bells bring you back to the present moment.  Renewed, you can return to your activities refreshed and happy.


Track 10 - Mindfulness Meditation In Silence (5:31)

Once you’ve got the hang of it, you will find it absolutely delightful to practice Mindfulness meditation in silence. The bell of Mindfulness will sound at the end. And you will be able to step back into your activities calm, centered, & joyful. 

When Mindfulness is absent, we live a life of confusion, self-alienation, distraction, addiction, pessimism, & chronic stress.

When Mindfulness is present, we live a life of clarity, self-connection, concentration, liberation, optimism, & deep peace.

We designed this series with much love to help you cultivate the latter. It's easy!

Truly, the sanity & serenity you seek is just a few slow-deep-breaths away.

CTW Stress-Reduction Series: $19.00


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