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Anxiety, Depression, & Suicide

have been rising sharply among young people since the introduction of the smart-phone.

COVID-19 has greatly exacerbated this mental-health pandemic, and the age of onset for suicide is now ten years old. 

Millions of kids are suffering from the ravages of anxiety & depression, which is wreaking havoc academically & socially. 

But please do not fret! This problem is absolutely solvable!

Truly, "If you give people LIGHT, they will find their way."

So please join us for this ground-breaking seminar.

It is designed to help you ace the most important & difficult exam of your life:

Raising healthy & happy children in the digital age. 



Life-changing * Evidenced-based * Solution-focused

Taught by CTW Founder Sharada Nizami.

Because a new set of challenges needs a new set of tools.TM

Come! Come! Whoever you are.

Ours is NOT a caravan of despair!


Do you know that the seeds of anxiety & depression are often sown in infancy & early childhood?

Do you know how to prevent this?

Do you know what the American Pediatrics Association screen-time guidelines are for kids 0-3?

Do you know what mirror neurons are and what happens to your son’s brain when he plays violent video games and, unbeknownst to you, watches pornography?

Do you know what an inner locus of control is and how to help your daughter develop genuine self-esteem?

Do you know that one in three kids is the victim of cyber-bullying and how to protect your child from this mental-health nightmare?

Do you know that there is a direct correlation between a specific number of hours spent online and suicide?

Do you know why ADHD has skyrocketed in recent years and how to protect your children from this disorder?

Do you know how to help your kids develop the foundation-stones of successful adulthood: self-reliance, emotional intelligence, tenacity, capacity, responsibility, resilience, optimism, altruism ?  

Do you know that millions of kids report extreme struggles with Digital Addiction?

Do you know how to prevent/correct this ?

Do you know that today's teens are lonelier and unhappier than teens in any previous generation?

Do you know how to prevent/correct this?

Do you know how to help your kids reduce their anxiety so that they can avoid the anxiety>>>depression>>>suicide downward spiral?

If you answered 'no' to even one of these questions, you will not want to miss this life-changing seminar. CTW Founder Sharada Nizami has distilled over 1,000 pages of research from the fields of pediatrics, neuroscience, psychology, and sociology, along with decades of experience as a psychotherapist, to give you the tools you need to ace the most important & difficult exam of your life: raising healthy & happy children in the digital age. 

The data is clear, staggering, and galvanizing. The dangers are avoidable and the trail to safety is well-marked. Equipped with this accurate map, you will be empowered to navigate skillfully, avoid the tragedies that have already claimed millions of lives, and keep your children on the path of health & happiness.

In this one-of-a-kind seminar, you will learn how your child's brain works, how devices impact the brain, and how to promote healthy development that strengthens your child's IQ & EQ. You will also learn practical strategies to implement at home, for kids 0-20something. How happy you will be to know WHAT TO DO and WHAT NOT TO DO, AND WHY, to keep your children out of harm’s way, and in the blessing stream of LIFE & LEARNING.

 Our intention is not only to help your kids avoid calamity, but to unleash their full potential as human beings. Herein lies true happiness, of which the digital distractions are an outright counterfeit, the wolf in sheep’s clothing that has been wreaking havoc and destroying lives. Until now!


This on-demand webinar was professionally filmed during a dynamic, live seminar. Now you too can benefit from three enlightening hours of life-changing parent-education, presented in 11 empowering segments, for only $59.

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"I learned so much about what I did not know I did not know! I also appreciated all the suggestions about what works and why.  Yes! Community and Love and Relationships Matter! Thank-you so much and keep up the great work!"

(Dr. Martha Urioste, PhD - Retired School Principal, Educational Consultant, and Inductee in The Colorado Hall of Fame )

"A great presentation, very rich and informative!"

(Mohammad El-Harithi, M.B.A. - Business Owner & Father of 5)

"Very positive, hopeful, thought-provoking, and practical."

(Tere Jeanne, L.Ac - Licensed Acupuncturist)

"I loved Sharada's passion and compassion. This made everything very real and very personable."

(Arysteja Szymanski, M.A., - Knox County TN School District: Second-Grade Teacher & Mother of 2)

"I loved 'Provisions!' The seminar reinforced the gravity of the issue of technology addiction, not only throughout our country but our world. However, I did not leave feeling burdened or depressed by all the research. Rather, I left feeling empowered. Empowered to continue having important conversations with my kids, and to make changes at home in order to promote healthy habits. I purchased the CTW Stress-Reduction Series and am looking forward to using it both at school and at home. I loved the seminar, and look forward to continuing my relationship with the amazing people at Circling The Wagons!"

(Claire McClintock, M.S., CCC-SLP - Douglas County CO School District: Elementary School Speech-Language Pathologist & Mother of 5)   


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Come! Come! Whoever you are.

Ours is NOT a caravan of despair!


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