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Resources For Teens in the Digital Age

We know how stressful it is to be a young person in the digital age, especially now with COVID-19. As your elders in our beautiful human family we are here to help you, and hope you will think of us like loving grandparents. Wisdom about how to live happily & successfully comes with age and experience. This is what you will find in all of our CTW programs. The best first step is to download the CTW Stress-Reduction Series and start using it right away. Having a focused mind and a peaceful heart are invaluable gifts. 

CTW Stress-Reduction Series

No doubt, life in the digital age is extremely stressful. And there are only two ways to deal with stress: unskillfully and skillfully. Responding unskillfully leads to confusion, instability, and ever-increasing stress. Responding skillfully leads to clarity, serenity, and ever-increasing joy. The CTW-SRS helps you cultivate the latter. Now you can use these beautiful tools to transform your inner condition from stressed to blessed.  

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Trail Map to Serenity & Self-Mastery:TM
Mindfulness Training for Daily Life

How happy would you be to have the tools you need to become the best version of yourself? 

Gotcha covered! Join CTW Founder Sharada Nizami and CTW Pediatrician Peg Sheehan for this ground-breaking program.

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Coaching Groups for Teens/Young Adults

Graduates of Trail Map, CTW Teen Talk, and CTW Youth Retreats are eligible to join a CTW Coaching Group. Our CTW Teaching Programs give you the tools and strategies you need to succeed, and our CTW Coaching Groups give you the on-going support and guidance to put the theory into practice as you’re living your life. Having a supportive community of peers and a great coach makes all the difference between failure and success, isolation and belonging.

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Words of Wisdom Series

These programs provide evidenced-based research and practical strategies on specific topics that are crucial to your well-being. Our intention is to help you minimize your struggles and maximize your peace and joy.

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