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Words of Wisdom Series

Taught by our team of experts in a delightfully engaging manner, these programs are avaialbe via live-video to schools, parent groups, & PTAs, giving you a chance to sit at the feet of your elders. We will teach for 60 minutes and then you will have 30 minutes to ask questions. It is our intention that these one-of-a-kind programs enlighten, inspire, and empower you to protect your children’s well-being, and maximize their potential for achievement and happiness.

We encourage you to invite your teens to join you for the programs marked with an asterisk. Then share some tea and snacks and engage them in meaningful conversation. A great way to spend time together, for sure.

*Protecting Your Amazing Brain - Part I - Why Devices Wreak Havoc
Dr. Clif Tennison - CTW Psychiatrist

*Protecting Your Amazing Brain - Part II - Why Mindfulness Brings Peace
Dr. Clif Tennison - CTW Psychiatrist

Parental Controls - What Every Parent Must Know
Dawn Suitts, MA – Middle-School Guidance Counselor

New programs coming soon. Stay tuned!

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